Wisconsin Youth Harmony Festival

2018 Event Instructors, Performing Quartets, Judges


The Wisconsin Youth Harmony Festival prides itself on providing top-notch instructors, entertaining quartets and qualified judges.

Instructors for Educational Sessions and Performing Quartets

Paul Wigley
Minneapolis Commodores director, B.S. in music education and masters of music, music education with choral empasis, past staff member of BHS college, Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) music category judge and former music category specialist for the BHS.
Judd Orff
Land O’Lakes district of the barbershop harmony society vice president of chapter support and development, association of district champions scholarship board of trustees.
Midnight Croon Quartet
Patrick McAlexander (Tenor)
Tim Zielke (Lead)
Jake Umhoeffer (Bass)
Josh Umhoeffer (Bari)
U4X Quartet
Jen Wheaten (Tenor)
Lynn Randall (Lead)
Jeanne O’Conner (Bass)
Lauren Lindemann (Bari)


Contest Administrator: Jack Edgerton
Music: Lauren Lindeman, Patrick McAlexander, Paul Wigley
Performance: Dan Heike, Jeanne O’Conner, Judd Orff
Singing: Jen Wheaten, Lunn Randall, Ron Rank